Reading this article in Elle magazine, thinking of the young woman and what she felt like without her hair was such a familiar heart wrenching emotion for myself. Women who suffer hair loss and who are reliant on their hairdressers and wigs is a reality for many. Just yesterday, a client and I were sharing our hair disaster stories and laughing about them. Believe me, we were not laughing at the time. I always keep a clip-in topper in my gym bag. For some reason the contents of my gym bag made it to the washer machine and then to the dryer. I woke up in the morning and was looking for my hair. I instantly panicked and with tears in my eyes, opened the dryer. My topper was in a huge ball. Like a felt ball! I had a melt down, picked up the phone, called in sick and cried a little. I did not have a back-up piece. Ladies! Please get a backup piece!! I had conditioner, serum, some oil and went to work for 3 hours brushing out my topper. Long story short, I was successful in restoring my hair but needed to get a new topper in a few weeks.

When I read this story about the women and the loss of her wig, I instantly felt connected to her. You can feel so helpless and vulnerable when you are suffering from hair loss. And the only security you might have is your wig or topper. When you’re without them it’s such a vulnerable feeling and sometimes you can be shamed by yourself in this journey. I don’t know if I can explain this but those who know will get it. Everyone is different in their confidence level and some of us are just not there yet, which is fine and maybe we never will get there.

When you start wearing hair, there is so many unknown factors, from what kind of hair to finding a stylist. For a few years, I would buy toppers and refuse to get them cut-in at the wig salon and decided to put my trust in my own stylist until I met the man. The man being “Juan” and without hesitation trusted him with my hair and together we went on my hair loss journey. I think I’ve finally come to terms with it. My hair loss doesn’t define me. I have hair loss but it doesn’t keep me down.

If you have any hair stories that need to be heard, send them to me and I’ll share them.