When we opened Salon Juan, we knew what we wanted to do.

From our website:

“We started Salon Juan to create beautiful hairstyles for men and women regardless of the condition of their natural growth hair. For people who are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss, finding out what their options are can be daunting. We want to change this; we want to provide a salon where all are welcome. Whether you have the fullest head of natural growth hair, are experiencing hair loss due to any one of a number of reasons or are looking for an overall change, the stylists at Salon Juan are uniquely qualified to help you find the right solution for you.”

So receiving this very personal and loving testimonial from a new client made us realize that we are indeed doing just what we set out to do!

Thanks to all of our clients that trust us to create their gorgeous hair, no matter how they get there!

Balding crept up on me without me even hardly noticing. I guess my friends noticed before I did. But once I noticed it, it was like OMG… now what? I work as a professional and I know that the people I work with are good folks, but still, how professional was I looking with the thin wisps of hair, that was making me look older than I am AND not very professional. How could my boss put me in front of customers and feel good about that? I knew they can’t, so I knew I had to do something, but what?


After a first round of depression and asking “why me?” I decided not to beat myself up, I didn’t ask for this, but here it is and I get to deal with it. There really was nothing I could do about it and I had to learn to live with it.  I decided that I would have some fun with it if I could. I knew there will be times in my life when I wanted to be able to still rock it and look great, as well as professional, but how in earth was I going to deal with this?


First I tried extensions. And they were okay, but you could clearly see the tops of beads and they were mighty uncomfortable. On top of that, the weight of the extensions pulled out some of my own hair leaving me even worse off than before. 


After I had the extensions removed, I found some hair powder that worked wonderfully. But that didn’t hold up in the rain and was clogging my drain.  It also ended up being pretty expensive in the long run, as I had to use a lot to cover the level of balding I had reached. I will still keep the Nanogen around, it works in a pinch for sure, but I didn’t like it for my long term solution.


After a while I ordered some less expensive wigs, wow, not only disappointing, but it also made me wonder if I could ever look good again. My husband was very supportive of this crazy expensive process up to that point, but then he recommended that I find someone local to give me a hand. After all I was no expert about hair loss and how to deal with it. I didn’t even know where to start, so of course, I started Googling.  I found lots of great video’s on how to wear wigs, how to wash wigs and the many of the in’s and out’s about wigs, but I still wanted to talk to someone who knew first-hand what it was all about.  And did I need a wig? Could I do a topper? What were my options? And would the items I bought be anything like those wigs? Ugh!


Although I loved my regular salon, they were not equipped to deal with what I was going through. They hadn’t even heard of hair fibers and they weren’t sure where to get what I was asking for, so finally after researching on line and learning all I could on my own, I started looking for someone local to me (Seattle) to meet with and get a consultation. 


I found Salon Juan and I cannot tell you how wonderful Juan and Matt are.  I wanted to cry as we went through the many options available. They had a variety of different items to try on, so I could see first-hand what I would be getting. They specialize in helping folks through this kind of situation, and they know how people feel about this. They cater to the wants and needs of many different folks and the many different ways folks can cope with this. Some folks are so upset about this, they never want anyone to know what they are going through and they respect that and your privacy.  Me, I didn’t care as much, and I am willing to share, because during my research I found out that lots of women go through this, about 1/3 of women in general have this type of issue. I want other ladies to know, it’s not the end of the world and you can still look and feel beautiful with the right products!


I have been working with my doctor and they say my hair may grow back, so I asked that they help me find a less expensive, but equally wonderful topper. I cannot believe what they helped me find. It was a reasonable cost, beautiful and made me feel like a million dollars. My husband is thrilled! I also love the different looks I can achieve. I loved it so much that I am ordering a second option that will be very curly.


The very first weekend I wore my pieces I got so many complements on my hair that I was stunned. I had thought I had nice hair back in the day, but I never got that many complements on my own hair. I thought people would look at it and see the piece, but all they see is beautiful hair!!!


I wish I had started with Salon Juan instead of spending so much time and money on alternatives that “worked” but not nearly so beautifully. Thanks to Matt and Juan for helping me find my way through this very difficult situation, in such a beautiful way!