What our clients are saying…

Thank you making the experience of learning about wigs comfortable, informative, and delightful.  It is never easy to concede to ones insecurities, especially regarding ones hair, but none the less they exist.  You were sensitive, caring; listened to my concerns, allowing me to make a decision I feel good about. I would highly recommend you. You are clearly about making your client happy and meeting their needs.  It was refreshing to meet and do business with you.

February 2017

B. D.

Best stylist I have ever met! I get compliments throughout the 8 weeks between appointments.

September 2016

Female Client

I came to see Juan upon referral from a friend. After having a lot of my hair ripped out in an attack, I had gotten extensions at another salon to try to cover the damage. However, the extensions were further damaging my already stressed out hair. Juan was brilliant in coming up with ideas to help cover the damage while promoting my hair to grow back healthy. He listened to all my concerns about my hair as well as my whole story about the attack with empathy. He is talented, educated on the latest products available for hair loss including hair pieces, and has his heart in his business to help people. Now that my hair has grown back enough on its own, I no longer need the hair piece and I have a short cut. I continue to see Juan for my highlights. I’ve been to a lot of salons over the years, even expensive ones, where I only liked the end result of my highlights some of the time. With Juan, I love the look every single time. And his prices are reasonable. On top of the quality of his services, I also really enjoy our conversations each time I am in. He has a positive and realistic outlook on life which always leaves me feeling good when I leave. In addition, I also brought my daughter in for a hair cut. She is 6 years old and we worked with Matt. My daughter has frizzy hair that is wavy only in the back. I never know what to do with it. Matt was able to somehow trim it in a way in which the waves pop up into more curls with less frizz. No stylist has achieved that with my daughter’s hair before. It was like magic. I can’t say enough great things about Salon Juan and I highly recommend them!!

May 2016

Sandi C.

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt at Salon Juan for a Brazilian keratin treatment a wk before my appointment. Matt is a fantastic and talented & charming stylist! He is extremely well versed and diverse in his portfolio, he was even enthusiastic about styling my thick and coarse African hair! Bonus!!!

I was terribly apprehensive as my hair is definitely not the easiest to deal with and requires more time, product and effort than most stylists are willing to give. That said, on the day of my appt Matt was ready and excited to get started.


He first washed my hair with a stripping shampoo- a necessary step! But Yikes, if you know my hair type, you can imagine my fear and hesitation- a tangled mess – but he was constantly assuring me that it’ll be alright. And it was to my surprise!

He followed up with another product and began to EASILY detangle my hair. Whew!

He proceeded with the Brazilian process of blow drying and flat ironing the product into my hair! He took his time and gently sealed the product into my hair. I was so thankful! My hair was so finely laid it moved and flowed so easily with the slightest gesture.

The process can be/is extremely taxing on both your wallet and your health! The fumes from the process stung my eyes and nostrils. However, I’m yet to come across a cosmetic service as good and not as taxing.

When Matt advised it’ll make blow drying and flat ironing easier, I thought sure! But he was right. It’s been almost 2 months since I had this done on October 31st. I’m in hot humid beach climate currently and my hair has been the least of my worries. Even with my new growth coming in, it’s been rather manageable.

Bkt’s in general are quite costly. Starting at 275$ here, but thanks to the thickness of my hair I had to pay for the use of extra product which left me in the upwards of almost 400$ which included tip.

It’s however been a rewarding experience for me. The amount of sheen and manageability I’ve experienced has made this more of an investment than an expense.

Ps. My twist outs look as though I blowdried before twisting.

I’d include my hair feels stronger too in terms of breakage. I experience a lot of breakage because I’ve been rather abusive to my natural (4abc) hair.

One thing that’s certain is this process will help eliminate single strand knots.

Thank you Matt & Salon Juan!

Feliz Navidad

December 2015

Palo B. (review from Yelp)

Juan, your product knowledge and patience in answering all my questions helped to me to make an important decision without feeling rushed. Thanks.

November 2015

Female Hair Loss Client

I put Juan on my list of top supporters/go to people for my family’s well being. As a bi-racial family our needs are not typical.  Each one of us has different hair, ranging from kinky to wavy, fine to course,  blonde to black, lots of hair to thinning hair. Juan has helped us find a way to care for and style our hair in a way that makes each of us love the way we look. He helped my oldest daughter bring her hair back to life after years of relaxing it. He showed her how she could be beautiful with a full head of tight curls or with a smooth silky blowout.

October 2015

Susan B.

“Excellent precision cut! Makes my hair look thicker and very healthy.”

July 2015

Female Bio Hair Client

This is an excerpt from a testimonial sent in recently. To read her full personal journey with hair loss, please read the blog entry.

Balding crept up on me without me even hardly noticing. I guess my friends noticed before I did. But once I noticed it, it was like OMG… now what? I work as a professional and I know that the people I work with are good folks, but still, how professional was I looking with the thin wisps of hair, that was making me look older than I am AND not very professional. How could my boss put me in front of customers and feel good about that? I knew they can’t, so I knew I had to do something, but what?

I found Salon Juan and I cannot tell you how wonderful Juan and Matt are.  I wanted to cry as we went through the many options available. They had a variety of different items to try on, so I could see first-hand what I would be getting. They specialize in helping folks through this kind of situation, and they know how people feel about this. They cater to the wants and needs of many different folks and the many different ways folks can cope with this. Some folks are so upset about this, they never want anyone to know what they are going through and they respect that and your privacy.  Me, I didn’t care as much, and I am willing to share, because during my research I found out that lots of women go through this, about 1/3 of women in general have this type of issue. I want other ladies to know, it’s not the end of the world and you can still look and feel beautiful with the right products!

May 2015


I was terrified at the thought of coloring and cutting my wig…not like it can grow back! But Juan and I really went over exactly what I wanted so I took a deep breath and turned her over to him. I LOVE IT! I have a new look that I love and have all of the faith in Juan and Salon Juan!

July 2014


After battling alopecia areata for years, alopecia won and I developed alopecia univeralis and with that, lost all of my hair. This was crushing, but luckily for me I found Juan and Anjenette! From the second I spoke with Anjenette on the phone (where she immediately disclosed she also “wears hair”) and met Juan in person, I knew I was in a very good place. Their compassion, kindness, vast knowledge and talent helped me go through one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to face. And, I have a fabulous wig! Seriously, who knew wigs could look so amazing? Thanks lovelies!

January 2014


Juan is the best — super talented and friendly!!

I found Juan because I was searching for a better solution to my chemo-induced hair loss than what I was finding in the city I lived at the time (Portland, OR).  He set up a private appointment, which I really appreciated, and listened to what I wanted.  After a lot of indecision on my part, and patiently answering all my email questions, he hooked me up with a beautiful, natural looking Follea.  Then he did his magic with an awesome custom color.  Best part is, I get to wear the long hair I used to have, and get tons of compliments!

For me, looking good was absolutely key to feeling good throughout treatment and now in getting back to life.  I am so thankful I found Juan and have him as part of my team!

August 2016

Susan B. (review from Yelp)

Very knowledgeable and professional. Would highly recommend.

May 2016

Female Hair Loss Client

Beautiful haircut! May start traveling from East Coast for cuts. Thanks so much.

April 2016


I was so happy to find Salon Juan!  I have alopecia areata (which is where my hair falls out in patches and then grows back…I know, annoying).  Usually the bald patches are manageable for me–I can just cover them up with other hair, but this fall, they had gotten to big and I had short enough hair that it just wasn’t easy to cover them up.  That, combined with a new job where I wanted to look professional, meant that I really wanted to find a good solution.  Juan worked with me to get a “topper” (see his website for more details) which covers my bald spots really well.  Juan is wonderful and made the whole process really comfortable and easy.  It’s embarrassing to lose your hair and I’ve always hated going in for hair cuts because I have to explain this weird problem that I have.  With Juan, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, he was very caring and thoughtful and was great about listening to my needs.  I highly recommend him and his salon!  Juan also helps women who are going through cancer treatment and losing their hair.  I went through chemotherapy for breast cancer last year and lost my hair–and I was living in Berkeley, CA at the time.  I wish I had known about Juan, because I really needed help with wigs and problem solving hair loss stuff.  He is definitely filling a need for women who are losing their hair in all different ways.  He is also just a really great stylist even if you aren’t losing your hair–he also cut my hair as we styled the topper and I like the cut a lot.

January 2016

Shannon C. (review from Yelp)

Everything about our wig buying experience was first class. Juan is an outstanding merchant and salon owner. His selection included all price ranges and qualities and there was no buying pressure. More importantly, his caring nature really relieved a lot of stress during my wife’s chemotherapy journey. I will recommend Juan without reservation and enthusiastically. His product knowledge and styling skills were spot on.

October 2015

Chemotherapy Client

“Compassionate and caring, I learned everything I needed to know about my new wig. They even offer a service to wash and service what they sell. An exemplary service.”

September 2015

Female Hair Wearing Client

I am delighted with my haircut! My hair started thinning 2 years ago and the women of my family experience extremely thin hair by the time they reach the age of 60. For now I am enjoying a fabulous bob. In the future, I will have options to add extensions, top pieces or whatever I need to achieve the look I want. This a joyful place to come and play with your hair. Thank you for making me smile :)

June 2015

D. D.

Juan is great and I love my new haircut :-)

June 2015


Juan is absolutely the BEST stylist ever. I have been a devoted client for over a decade now and will follow him wherever he goes! This man is MAGIC! Xoxo

May 2015

Aria S.

I can remember the day that I knew it was over, the day I stood in front of the mirror and realized that the “jig is up!” I grabbed my clippers and reluctantly set to the task of shaving my head, a close shave, a shave to match the long denied baldness I now knew I stood to face. This was the beginning of a challenge that at first I tried to gladly accept, but as my hair continued to decrease as did my confidence. Feeling depleted and diminished, a collection of hats quickly became my security, comfort, support and even more so, my crutch. As as aspiring model the monotonous seasons of the same haircut and same look began to wear me down like a burden of boredom. I needed help, I needed change, a release, I needed the ‘House of Juan’. Seemingly innocent to the full extent of his impact, Juan very encouragingly proposed and presented me with the gift of a solution. His warm comforting spirit immediately settled my rattled nerves and allowed me to relax and forget the tense damning anxiety of feeling exposed. I adjusted in my chair as he removed my hat and patiently explained how the ‘magic’ worked. My mind becoming calmed and question all quieted, I closed my eyes and he began. Before I knew, Juan had finished and now was time for the reveal, as he spun the chair to face the mirror and I opened my eyes and staring back at me was the light of a smile I hadn’t seen for all too long. I couldn’t believe the transformation, it was natural and even to me remarkably undetectable. I truly felt like a new me. I had arrived self-doubting and skeptical but by his hand left now renewed and replenished. I am so grateful to have Salon Juan as the ‘secret’ weapon in my beauty arsenal. Whether I am needing a quick change of look for a photoshoot or an extended wear for longer commitments, thanks to ‘House of Juan’ and ‘Hair by Matt’ I can go head first with confidence and style. With sincerest gratitude and encouragement, I say make an appointment today! “Take a chance and make a change!”  – Thank you Salon Juan~ meiko

February 2015


I would like to thank Juan for helping me during a difficult time. I followed Juan from another studio because of his personal touch and honesty. He has the knowledge and skill to make your hair look great. I had a bonded hair system done for the first time. Juan spent that extra time communicating and helping address all of my questions and issues. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH.

November 2014


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