Cancer sucks. Okay, that’s an understatement. Cancer can rob of us our loved ones, our livelihoods, our life. If you’ve been affected by cancer, on either end, these words can’t begin to describe what you’ve been through. But these pictures can begin to give a glimpse into a portion of someone’s life who has been there, front and center. They show us that friends, family and a wig can help you through the toughest of times. For Johanna, shaving her head was a big deal. Hair identifies us, is a part of how we present ourselves, especially for women, to the world. So having her dearest friends, her support group, come with her for this event made it easier to get through. And, since it’s all coming off…why not play around a little? As you can see, she rocked a mohawk!

We found Johanna a wig that would help her feel as normal as one can in such an abnormal situation. And she embraced it, played with styles and then did her best to carry on. And by “carry on” we mean she went through chemo and got married! In other words, she continued on with life.

Chemo came and went and now her hair is growing back. As you can see, she’s still enjoying her hair journey, embracing each new style with an open heart and celebrating the MAGIC of life. Thank you Johanna for sharing!