Working at the salon last year and helping others with their hair loss was such an experience. Phone calls, emails, hundreds of consultations later have given me a sense of relief that women and men are finding the salon. Currently my go-to hair is my Cesare Ragazzi topper.  This custom made topper has increased my quality of life by 1000%. I’ve nicknamed her “freedom”. Going on trips, massages, and everywhere with this beautiful hair and having no worries is freedom to me.  My CnC hair is bonded to my existing hair with no shaving involved and once a month it’s re-attached.  Recently my travels took me to a girls trip to Puerto Vallarta. Such a relief to be able to participate in everything! The hotel had a wonderful spa and with my CnC topper, I never had to worry about my hair loss. I just was able to enjoy myself, just being happy, and never once felt uneasy or insecure about my Alopecia. Freedom is my description of this happiness! I wish that all women or men who are dealing with hair loss can experience this moment. Here’s some pictures of me enjoying myself!

Robin enjoying her vacation, wearing Cesare Ragazzi topper

Robin wearing her Cesare Ragazzi hair topper