Thanks to Juan’s very modern approach to styling men’s hair pieces, the salon’s men’s hair replacement business has been going off! But this isn’t just a crank ’em in, crank ’em out biz…it’s a very genuine love of helping guys feel good about themselves. Experiencing hair loss and being bald isn’t what it used to be for men, many men actually shave off perfectly good hair for the look! But just because the look has come a long way, doesn’t mean that if you are experiencing hair loss (at any age!) that you are just expected to go happily into that new look. For many men, this is a very hard transition, and not one that they want to be in.

Juan has been posting videos to Salon Juan’s YouTube channel (a variety of videos for men & women) as well as photos and videos to Instagram. The response has been overwhelming…men (and women, too) from all over the US & Canada have written in, commenting on the looks and wishing he was in their town!

Now that you’ve seen how amazing a really good hair system can look, do read the blog post “The Realities of Men’s Hair Pieces” and check out our “Hair Replacement Systems for Men & Women“. Yes, the results are amazing, but depending on the system you choose, there is a financial commitment that you’ll need to consider before venturing down this path. For both men and women, the supplemental hair options that are the more realistic are also the most expensive. In this case, you really do get what you pay for.